Microsoft and ITIL certified Software Engineer with degrees in Ecommerce and Informatics. Possessing a strong background in software implementation, integration, and maintenance.

Over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying solutions for diverse industry segments, including Human Resources, Editorial, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Health, Logistics, and Energy.

My international experience includes collaboration with professionals from various countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, USA, Colombia, and Mexico.

.NET Software Engineer
2018 - 2024, layoff 🚶‍♂️😓
Develop web-scale applications delivering features for marketplace and software applications for back-office related to logistics and shipping areas.
.NET Development Leader
2017 - 2018
Take a leading role in the development, testing, deployment, operation, and support of Customer Care and Taxi App applications to ensure adherence to legislation and business rules.
.NET Tech Leader
Manage the development of backoffice website application for handling commercial negotiations between Grupo Éxito supermarket and its suppliers.

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